10 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Rankings

by | Mar 7, 2023 | SEO | 0 comments

It takes time to plan and build your website, however, it has probably never occurred to you that no one might see it.

When you have a product to sell online good SEO can make or break it. If you want people to come to your website the right search engine content will make a big difference. Today we will look at some SEO tips to help rank your site.

1. Build a Visually Attractive Website

Visitors to your site may be initially attracted by the vibrant appearance of the Home Page. If it is a food page there is lots of scope for good photography of varied foods, fruits, and vegetables that should be attractive and colorful to the visitor. Keep SEO tips relevant.

2. Keep the Focus on the Topic

You are looked upon as an expert in your area, so stay on topic. If you run a dog-walking business your website should reflect that. Be specific, and SEO Tips for attracting business would be to use the words Dog and Walk as keywords, along with lots of dog pictures. Many business people outsource their dog walking now to save time, so in the city, this type of business is highly sought after.

3. Optimize the Keyword

Do this by making a short video of you walking the dogs, showing the park where they run off leash and socialize with other dogs. Consider doing a short weekly podcast on the topic, and summarize using good SEO.

4. Create Good Quality Content

Rewrite the web page content regularly, giving the client 5 reasons why you should walk their dog.

5. Images

Have a dog of the week page. There will be different dogs every week, and clients will look to see if it is their dog.

This is one of the great SEO tips to keep your clients engaged.

6. High-Speed Connection

Reduce the load time of your site, if it is too slow people won’t wait it should be under or about 3 seconds. Pay for an upgrade, it will be worth it.

7. Get the Best Links

Your site can gain authority when other sites link to it. Using the dog walking example again, ask the vet if they can link to your website, as this would give you a lot more authority.

8. Blog

All good websites have a blog attached, add some grooming tips for dog owners, and change the blog content regularly.

9. SEO Tips for Website High Visibility

If you can afford to, purchase a small van to transport the dogs to the park, this way you can broaden your area of work across more suburbs. The van is great for advertising to have your website and business name on the van. As you drive past people will google your site whatever the business.

10. Merchandise

Create some merchandise related to your brand, with a website, logo, and pictures on the side. Just simple stuff that you can give to clients so that they don’t forget your web address.


There is so much you can do to keep good SEO Tips in front of the clients’ minds.